Rememberin' two-thousand six
with the headbuttin' Zidanes and shootin' Dicks
In the soccer World Cup, yeah, they might've beat us
But at least we got to see Fidel in his Adidas.
Baby Suri Cruise was born this year
with the kids from Brangelina and Britney Spears
The Croc Hunter's sting was enough to get sick with
Bring your snakes on the plane, just don't bring any liquids.
Prominent year, a pop culture feast
it was more explosive than the Middle East
Prominent year, now almost gone,
Big in '06 recaps it, only on Vh1.
I wrote the lyrics to match Nelly Furtado and Timbalake's 2006 hit "Promiscuous Girl," going over the biggest events of the year.
The animation was produced out-of house.

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