Promotional video for Creative Director Dicken Schrader. 
How much is an idea worth?
Well, it doesn’t cost anything to have an idea. People have ideas every day, And we’ve had them since the beginning of time, some of which have made us soar… Quite literally. 
But how much is it worth when it’s the idea that can change the world?
How much would you pay for an idea that can bring humans together… Alter people’s perceptions… And break all barriers? 
What would you give for an idea that can make us laugh… And cry… And rejoice in the human condition?
How much would you invest In an idea that will make you stand out from the crowd, that will make your image be loved… And your voice be heard… Around the world… Forever?
What price would you put on immortality?
It’s true, ideas don’t cost anything to have… But a good idea… A great idea… Is truly priceless.
Humanity has produced some great ideas in the past, but they’re only the foundations upon which we will build even stronger ideas… For the future.
Are you ready?

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